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Would you like to sanitize OCD? Disinfect it?

Try this journal, Gratitude the Great OCD Sanitizer.

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Looking for ideas for your Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP) Program?

One way to start slowly with ERP is to "think" about confronting your fear. Thinking about facing your fears is often how people get started with ERP.

Face It With A Puzzle is a series of ten OCD Workbooks to help you get started.

Each workbook is filled with puzzles and worksheets to help you think about confronting your specific fear or worry. 

Only three of the ten volumes are currently available. Many people start with the first volume, Face Your Fear of Uncertainty.

Exposure & Response Prevention in a box, crafted by Tammy for you.

The therapeutic benefits of coloring is widely recognized in the field of psychology and mindfulness training. 

By using coloring pages, the OCD Coloring Book helps you to be in the moment.

And while in the moment, you learn a valuable, powerful lesson on how to defy OCD. 

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The OCD Coloring Book  


Tammy LaBrake, LCSW-R

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