The OCD Coloring Book  


Tammy LaBrake, LCSW-R

Maybe you've already colored the pages in the OCD Coloring Book and you're hungry for more ideas, or maybe you don't even have the coloring book yet. 

Either way, this Companion Video Guide will help make your path to freedom bright and clear.

This Companion Video Guide adds depth into the strategies addressed in the OCD Coloring Book.

But, the video guide will give you 14 lessons on defying OCD even if you haven't received your coloring book yet.


The therapeutic benefits of coloring is widely recognized in the field of psychology and mindfulness training. 

By using coloring pages, the OCD Coloring Book helps you to be in the moment.

And while in the moment, you learn a valuable, powerful lesson on how to defy OCD. 

To get the OCD Coloring Book Click on the image above or go here to

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What if you could "reprogram" your mind -- using your computer?

I've been researching the science  behind "subliminal messages" recently, and how they can be used to change your life.

By flashing messages on your PC/Mac while you use it, you can actually start to change your subconscious programming.

The flashing messages can be ones already written for you or you can custom create your own.

You can use this technique to: 

  • develop self-compassion,
  • learn to accept intrusive thoughts as no big deal,
  • stop procrastination,
  • gain more confidence,
  • become comfortable with your anxiety,
  • and much more.