Specializing in the treatment of OCD keeps me pretty busy. Meeting with clients, consulting with other therapists, blogging and authoring books is a lot to juggle! Thankfully, I’ve got an excellent team to keep me organized and happy!

Meet the Team that Keeps Me Going!

                        Lusha Bella Napoli is a great secretary.

            She is very detail-oriented and eager to please.

There’s just one problem.

                               She won't stay off dogharmony.com!

          Once upon a time, this fella just slept a lot…thus the name Dozer.


But, then he grew up and now he and I

bulldoze through the day.

Charley is not much for working.

But, he’s got a very funny sense of humor and keeps me smiling.        

Gotta love my two basket cases…

My team gives me lots of love!



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